Parakeet egg laying will begin in around maybe a couple days after the mating.Parakeet egg laying will begin in around maybe a couple days after the mating. Female parakeet will lay an egg each second day and there will be roughly 4 to 9 of them.

Parakeet eggsOnce the female has laid the eggs you may keep all or expel some of them. Also, how would you choose what to do? In view of your explanations behind rearing parakeets.

To clarify a tiny bit more. A few reproducers breed parakeets to get great or new hereditary blends. Those raisers will presumably expel a few eggs from the home. They evacuate them since they trust a female parakeet can not take great care of more than four to six chicks.Raisers that are reproducing to offer them will most likely keep every one of the eggs, just to offer more winged animals later.

Why is it great to evacuate a few eggs? Envision if the female will lay 9 eggs, one each two days. That would make a time of egg laying 18 days in length. It just would not have sufficient energy to nourish every one of the chicks enough to make them all solid and fit forever. You can learn more here Parakeet Eggs – From Fertilization to Hatching Guide 2017 Parakeet Eggs – From Fertilization to Hatching Guide 2017


Parakeets are some of the most interesting creatures. These birds make great pets. If you are looking for an alternative to the regular cats, dogs and rabbits, you should consider keeping a parakeet as a pet. They are relatively smaller that parrots and have several advantages. They have a low maintenance cost. However, this does not mean that you should not take proper care of them. Here are some things you ought to know regarding how to take care of your parakeet. 

They Need a Variety of Food

Parakeets require a variety of food for them to remain healthy. When budgies are in the wild, they mostly feed on vegetation, and grass seeds. Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your parakeet's diet is essential. This helps to prevent cases of malnutrition or diseases that come about when a parakeet only feeds on seeds. You should make a point of using organic produce for your bird. Other times, you can also cook for your parakeet. Some of the nutritious meals you can prepare for your pet include parakeet pellets and veggies. See this video: 

Make Sure Your Parakeet Gets Fresh Water

It is always important to make sure that you regularly change your budgie's water dish every day. This is because parakeets tend to drink the same water they use to for bathing. Ideally, ensure that the water you give your parakeet is clean and filtered. In addition to this, make a point of changing their water dishes at least two or three times a day. 

Put Them in Cheap Decorative Bird Cages that Offers Quality 

Confining a bird that is meant to fly in a small space can be frustrating. For you to avoid frustrating your bird, you should consider getting your parakeet a big cage. Such a cage should be big enough such that the parakeet can fly with ease, but it should also have ideal cage bars meant for small birds. This ensures that your parakeet remains active and it gets to exercise. Exercise is important for your bird because it tones their muscles and it helps improve their respiratory system. 

Make Sure their Cage is Clean


Keeping your parakeet cages clean means, you are keeping it healthy. Make a point of using fresh water to clean their cage instead of using chemicals. This is important because it ensures that your bird's food can fall on a clean and safe surface. Know Parakeet Lifespan How Long Do Parakeets Live here! 


Dogs are the common pets such that people who own them will invest so much in their care. In most cases, dog owners understand exactly what their dog needs at a particular time. This means that they know how much grooming their dog needs. They also understand just how good the dog kennel should be to provide ample space for their pet. Unfortunately, the same people who take extra care of their dogs would not even think twice when selecting a parakeet cage at for their birds. 

This comes from the assumption that the high cost of the parakeet birds has many fooled and assume that it is a low-maintenance bird. This very wrong assumption needs to change since these birds tend to live as long as most cats and dogs do. It is advisable therefore to take some time to consider all the necessary aspect that you would want in a pet. After all, the bird will live with you for more than a decade. You had better choose right. 

Consider the birds' temperament before investing your money in it. Some owners would go for affectionate Velcro birds that will always be by their side because of their habit of loving to cuddle. Others would prefer the friendly type that is not afraid to befriend even its enemy. Some people, on the other hand, would prefer a parakeet that is able to keep itself entertained until the owner gets home from work. In fact choosing a parakeet is a long-term deal and should be considered carefully. 

It is advisable to buy your bird from the breeder. In the case that this is impossible then you should consider a pet store and avoid buying it from a chain store. Before making your pick, you should always approach the best parakeet cage set up and observe behavior as they interact with other birds. Check for dominance and activity. This will help you pick the right bird from the start. 

Parakeets are tropical flying creatures, and they beyond any doubt can eat it. They require a wide assortment of sustenances in their eating regimen to remain solid. It’s a great deal of amusing to offer your flying creature a top notch assortment of things to eat. You will find that your parakeet has his own taste inclinations! Realize what he enjoys, what he doesn’t care for, and what his exceptionally top picks are. Here is a rundown of sustenances that are sheltered to sustain to your parakeet.

Vegetables and herbs


Vegetables are really a critical piece of parakeets eat fewer carbs. They contain numerous fundamental supplements that may not be accessible in a run of the mill locally acquired seed abstain from food. Learn more here 8 Best Parakeet Food List and Review – Nutrition and Taste Guide

Age also matters. Younger birds are easier to tame and make friends with. You can check out for a parakeet that is about eight weeks old as it is ready to go out and make new friends. This does not mean that you should not go for an older bird. The trick, however, is to ensure that they are well tempered and ready to accept new things. This will make it easy for you to bond. Other things you should consider when choosing your bird include its gender and health. To learn more, visit


Parakeets are great first pets for the people who have never owned a pet bird and would love to have a feathered friend. They typically have a friendly disposition, are not as challenging to take care of as other birds, and are quite robust. As pet birds, they are great companions and you will definitely love owning one. if you are thinking about learning more about these little birds and how to care for them, here are some of the most important things you need to know. 

Parakeets Like Company 

If you only plan to have one bird, a mirror is definitely a must. A single parakeet will love having you with them, but a mirror will make them feel less alone if you are not at home. You can also purchase bird stand-ins from pet stores so that your parakeet will have some company. The best thing you can do is to get a second bird for companionship for your parakeet. However, you may also want to keep multiple birds apart from each other when they are young so they will learn to bond with humans instead of the other birds. 

Choose the best parakeet cages 

The size of the cage should measure be sufficient to house your parakeet. To play it safe, buy the largest cage available. Prioritize the horizontal measurements since parakeets fly horizontally instead of upward. Make sure that the cage is made from stainless steel. This is because some other metals like zinc, brass, or lead can be harmful to parakeets, and you should never buy a rusted cage or one with flaking paint. Parakeets like to climb, so you should choose a cage with horizontal bars, which can let him grip on and climb upwards. 

Buy Bird Toys 

Parakeets love to play with amusing objects, so it's important that you add some toys in the cage. There are so many parakeet toys out there, but you don't have to spend a lot of money on cheap toys, because parakeets will play with just about everything. If it spins, is shiny or makes noise, then your parakeet will certainly love it. Just remember not to place any unsafe objects or small parts in the cage at 

Keep a variety of food and treats available 


Parakeets, like a lot of pets, like having various treats to nibble on. Pet stores have a wide range of biscuits, clip on sticks, and bird seeds. Think about having a few types on hand and even employing a type of treat as a "reward" when training your bird and getting its trust. Visit and gain more information on animals.